Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can You Say "Button Party" and More with Magnets!!

Howdy Friends! Tuesday started off with a rousing morning meeting hosted by Charlie! Well done Charlie! We stretched our learning and vocabulary with our magnet unit while watching a Unitedstreaming video. In writing workshop we put all that vocabulary to good use while writing "magnet facts". Writers shared some of their work and made even more connections! Charlie was our sharing friend today, and he wowed us with his coin collection and some rare pennies from the 1800's! Cool! In math today we worked with our 100's chart and noticed patterns while skip counting and paying close attention to place value!
You may have noticed our button jar is practically full! Not that you're surprised... after all, each and every button signifies an act of kindness, taking a risk, helping a friend, cooperative learning, or even an unsolicited positive comment (when you thought no one was noticing)! A lot of character is reflected in each and every button, and my guess, is that, our 2W button party is not far away!! Well done second graders!

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