Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poetry and Calendar Math!

What a beautiful week it's been! Second grade has been a busy place! We've studied and learned to write different types of poetry. After reading from the delightfully silly Jack Prelutsky, we were inspired to write our very own "chicken" poem! After trying our hand at cinquain poems, students shared their ideas and creativity! Acrostic poems have also been fun to try, and met with some wonderful results! We will continue our poetry unit next week and eventually choose our favorite to display in the Sunderland Public Library along with illustrations to match! We'll keep you posted as to when the gallery of second grade artwork will open! In math we've worked on probability... what's likely to happen, unlikely, or equally likely, even what's impossible and what scenarios are probable. Critically looking at a situation and predicting the outcome with some certainty, but open to being surprised as well! We've also worked on our May calendars with attention to days of the week, seasons, and marking important events! Charlie ran very efficient math meetings all week and Peter can't wait to begin next week! Take a moment to check out our bulb garden. It's in full bloom!

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