Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning at the Sunderland Public Library!

Morning Meeting started off with a rousing version of This Land is Your Land, and the acting out game... way to start the day friends! We practiced writing all the names of the oceans we learned about in our "best handwriting" and even practiced writing all 7 continents as well! Writing workshop was full of more scientific writing! We played a guessing game... to see if our scientific observations included enough detail for friends to guess EXACTLY which flower we wrote about! Matching the photo of the flower with our drawings/observations really validated the importance of including detail in our writing! It was library days for 2W in more ways than one! We visited Ms. Kidder in our own SES Library, and after lunch, took a walking field trip to our Town's public library for some community service! We talked about the importance of community members helping to take care of our community... our town! As good citizens, we thought it might be nice if we offered to clean our library, and Sheila and Kelly loved the idea! They walked us into the children's room in our wonderful town library, and that's where we GOT BUSY!!!!! Students were shown where and how to help, we must have wiped just about every surface, every shelf, and every windowsill in sight! Outstanding job second graders! Sheila and Kelly were just as proud of you as I was... job WELL DONE!! On our walk we used compasses to point out cardinal directions along our journey! Emma taught us how to position/orient the compass ("red in the shed") and we noticed that we were heading south-east as we crossed the street and headed back to school! What a full, fun, busy Friday!

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