Monday, May 16, 2011

Mondays Magic Number 15!

Monday morning...rain is falling... What's your prediction for indoor recess? Many students clearly thought it would be highly likely we'd spend recess inside, so when time came, and we went outside, we were a bit surprised! Until 2 minutes later... when it started to rain, and we came in. Oh well, how bad can it be if it's called recess, anyway? We began our day with Rebecca's morning meeting, well done Rebecca! We learned a new word study principle courtesy of the letters g and c. They both (all by themselves, without any extra help) have the power to make different sounds! After choosing and writing our spelling words in our best handwriting, we ventured to computers. Ms. Kidder shared how to download and store photos we had taken at our previous session and will be teaching us how to use the pictures in a variety of ways! We started a new work board today, and reviewed ways second graders can complete their work independently during our literacy block! Choose a good work spot (Peter). Focus on what you're doing (Mary). Don't sit next to a "talking" friend, unless you're buddy reading (Rebecca)! Great advice friends! Peter was our math meeting helper and he kicked off the afternoon with order and precision! Nicely done Peter! In math today we reviewed fact families, but with a variety of numbers, and even made some families of our own! Our magic number was 15, and students shared many different ways to make 15, along with what they know about 15! Excellent thinking, talking, sharing, and learning!! We had a little extra time today (very unusual!!) so we made math related theme based word searches for our friends! Harder than it seems... generating a word list specific to a particular theme (time, money, ordinal numbers...) spell all the words correctly, and create a word search! I must say, I was impressed! I'm not sure which was more fun, making the puzzles or solving the puzzles! WOW! Great way to start the week friends! Tomorrow, PE, sneakers please.

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