Monday, May 23, 2011

Magnetic Monday!!

Greetings Friends! Another soggy Monday, but that didn't stop us from getting ready for a busy fun day (business as usual)! Lannashia started us off with an eye opening morning meeting! Chicken Lips song, koosh greeting, and clothespin game! Well done Lannashia. Right after that we integrated science and word study and began our magnet unit! We learned from Brainpop Jr. and generated an important (theme based) list of words we will all learn by Friday on magnets and magnetism! Writing in weekend journals felt comfortable and productive! Sharing personal narratives was wonderful, and many students shared their stories about the 5th Grade Play, baseball/softball games, and other important family/weekend events! In math we worked with our 100's board and recognized patterns and talked about place value! The highlight of our afternoon might have been the super-cute "Super-flex" readers theater we were invited to by our first grade neighbors. We learned (from them, yes, we, the second grade, learned from first graders...) the importance of having flexible thinking in social situations. We learned that you can even change the way you think/react by having positive thinking, and how being a "rock brain" (inflexible) never really works out for anyone! Well done first grade. And what a great audience second grade was! Such positive feedback, generous compliments, and tangible support for your first grade friends! So proud! Great day! Tomorrow, Tuesday, PE, sneakers please.

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