Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

Greetings Friends! After all the excitement of Emma's last day yesterday, things fell into a smooth, comfortable, productive rhythm. We started the day with some creative writing while maintaining our theme/topic: playground fun! Olivia shared her super cool map and pointed out some noteworthy areas like Malawi (of course) and Haiti, and our very own United States of America! Gotta love when students take what we're learning in school and transfer that into extracurricular learning at home! Well done Olivia! We introduced probability in math today, and learned important vocabulary to help us with our thinking (equally likely, less/more likely, probable). When paying close attention to the number of items (and colors) we were using in our investigation, we were able to make predictions. Well done second graders! We ended the day in music with Mr. Hines. Nice day friends! P.E. tomorrow... sneakers please.

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