Thursday, May 19, 2011

Charlie Brown and Unroll A Square!

Howdy Friends! We managed to stay mostly dry and even get outdoors for some well deserved fresh air today at recess! YIPPEE!! We had a bit of an unusual day, but certainly enjoyed every minute of it! With so many friends out due to the play performance, we were a small group, so we invited 2Z to join us for morning meeting! Mary was more than willing to run the meeting, and it was so nice to be all together for singing, greeting, and games! Nice job second grade! And way to run a such a big meeting Mary... very efficient! After meeting, we were off to the gym for the play performance "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown". As usual, Cathy Lee, our art teacher and the entire 6th grade impressed us with their talent, their singing and dancing, and spectacular costumes! What fun! 2W's very own Ethan, Olivia, Mackenzie, Maya, and Olivia were features as some very stunning birds! Awesome job friends! Come see it for yourself this weekend! This afternoon we began a new read aloud "The Chocolate Touch" and loved it! In math we stretched our thinking with the 100's chart and played Unroll a square. Kind of like yesterday's Roll a square, but a little more challenging! Well done second graders! Great team work, calculating chunks of tens and hundreds, and turn taking! Seriously fun math gaming was had by all this afternoon! Great day! Homework due tomorrow, and LIBRARY BOOKS as well! See you then. Hasta manana amigos!


  1. What a great group ! Have fun at the play this weekend everyone !

  2. They were adorable Bridgette! Hope you get to see the play this weekend! We'll be there Saturday night!