Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haiku!!!! (God bless you... thank you... you're welcome)

Greetings Friends! Today was our Morning Meeting helpers birthday, and what a day it was! Great meeting Olivia, everyone loved the "cool-dude" greeting! We played a birthday style game of telephone, and quickly began our morning challenges! Poetry was the theme of writing workshop, and haiku was our new format. Haiku is a wonderful way to play with syllables in words to create a feeling or a picture of a particular topic. 3 lines, 5 syllables, 7syllables, 5 syllables. Today's haiku: School Lunch. We agreed, this topic could go one of two ways, and I was glad to see that second graders took the high road, and paid proper homage to a well done school lunch (today happened to be hot dogs and beans... here's our first haiku):
School Lunch
Today it's hot dogs.
Ketchup, mustard relish, BUNS!
Milk is fifty cents.
Well done friends, our first try at haiku was wonderful, lyrical, slightly silly, and full of alliteration! In math we visited our magic number (15) again, and expressed 15 in a variety of questions (addition, subtraction) using equations! Fun! Well done friends! Great day! Forgot the camera in school (dang) will add pictures tomorrow! Wednesday, PE, sneakers please!

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