Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bookmarks, UMass Winds, and Principal for a Day!!

Wet and wild Wednesday friends! Charlie started us off with a great morning meeting, This Land is Your Land, Guten tag (Germany), and the Telephone game! FUN! We practiced writing "Did you know...." facts in handwriting on bookmarks that we will donate to the Sunderland Public Library (as part of our service project). Donating our time, energy, and talent truly show what good citizens we are, and how proud we are to be part of our community! Well done second graders! In writing today, we wrote to a "prompt": what would you do if you were principal for a WHOLE DAY?? Clever writing, creative ideas, and some unexpected changes in store when second graders "rule the school"!! Nice job writers!
In math we played "closest to 20". Choosing 5 cards, we then pick 3 of those cards who's sum equals a number closest to 20! Friends were sometimes lucky with their cards, and sometimes, not so lucky. Either way, it was a fun game and great practice with our math facts! Nice!
We ended the day with a special performance from the UMass Winds program. UMass students showcased their instruments in several performances for our entire school! I must admit, I didn't know a marimba was a wind instrument, and I'd never be able to control 4 different sticks with the quickness and musicality of these performers! Very impressive! Flutes, tubas, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, euphoniums, we saw it all! Very inspiring! Looking forward to more great connections with these very talented musicians and the UMass Winds program! Great day friends!

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