Monday, May 9, 2011

So Long, Emma!!

Where do we begin? Sure... it was a busy Monday, full of all the challenges and successes we typically expect in 2W. We started with handwriting (composing some beautifully written reflections on these past few weeks with our intern Emma), we did some quiet reading and reading groups, introduced a new word study rule (compound words), learned a new kind of graphing strategy called "line plot", but really, no, really, today was all about wishing our dear, wonderful student teacher Emma well on her last day with us. Today was indeed Emma's final day in 2W and we celebrated with a lovely snack of veggies, fruit, dip, cheese and crackers (yummy)! We shared some thoughtful moments together, reflecting on how Emma inspires our learning, and what she's taught us over these last couple of weeks (mapping, compasses, cardinal directions, reading-partners and mapping stories). We especially love how calm, friendly, gentle and compassionate she is, especially when we need help. Today, truly was all about savoring our last day with this wonderful woman who will soon, no doubt, make some classroom community a safe nurturing, blossoming place to learn and grow! Good luck Emma... you will be missed. You are destined for success! GO... BE GREAT!!

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