Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Monday and Emma Measures Up!!

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! Our bulb garden is showing real signs of life as we creep our way closer to spring! Olivia started this amazing spring day with her morning meeting... Chicken Lips, tambourine greeting, and a great round of "sparkle"! Well done Olivia! We moved right into word study keeping our unit study words from last week. That's right, while we worked with dictionaries last week (guide words, meaning, spelling and structure) this week we'll focus on the meaning of each word and how it relates to our mapping unit. Writers worked on weekend stories and really practiced what they learned about WOW words last week! Two friends shared their great personal narratives and modeled how they exchanged "boring" words for "WOW" words! Well done writers! Soon after writing, it was all about work board and reading groups with Ms. Worthley and Emma! It was easy... EASY... for me to say that... today, without a doubt, was one of the most OUTSTANDING mornings we've had in a long time! No "sleepy heads" or passive learners! Everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed all morning! Working with effort, raising hands, contributing, really participating with enthusiasm! Well done everyone! Awesome! After Olivia's math meeting, Emma introduced a new unit on measurement today! We started by talking about what we know about everyday things we measure. We then began thinking about the tools we use, and talked about both standard and non-standard units of measure. Emma taught us how to use both sides of our ruler, using inches and centimeters, and the importance of measuring accurately and carefully! Great introduction Emma! We can't wait to learn more as you take us on this journey into measurement and mapping!! Tomorrow, PE, sneakers please.
Make sure this Thursday night is on your calendar!! Arts Night at SES! Students should be at school no later than 6:00-ish and report to their classrooms no later than 6:15. This is one show you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!


  1. I love the detail and good concentration on your measuring activities. I'm retired now but taught for many years. In my combined first and second grades, they enjoyed measuring each other. See my blog at:

  2. Thanks Peggy! This is Emma's master teaching unit (from Mt. Holyoke College) and she's doing a fabulous job! Appreciate your taking the time to pass along your observations, I'll make sure Emma takes notice! 2nd grade... best kept secret! Love this job!