Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writing Like a Scientist and More With Maps!

Thoughtful Thursday Friends! It all started with Adan's morning meeting and the Chicken Lips Song, Koosh toss greeting, Hindi greeting, and a great game of Boppity Bop Bop Bop! Well done Adan! Great meeting! Next, in handwriting, we practiced writing our addresses in our neatest handwriting! Very important, as we were using real envelopes... the very vessel with which we will send our mystery-friend letters tomorrow! When you receive your letter at home, make sure you read it and think about who your mystery friend might be (and make sure you bring the letter in to school for a fun activity)!! Writing workshop was full of scientific observations in our bulb garden! Writing like a scientist is very different than writing like a fiction writer, or story writing! We looked carefully at our flowers and practiced writing about what we see, what we notice, what was similar and different about flowers in our garden! We were even surprised (like scientists often are) when we took a real close look at the critters who also enjoy hanging out in our garden! Caterpillars, bees, and bugs!! Well done scientists! More on that tomorrow!
In math Emma reviewed temperature and all the important vocabulary to help us understand this important concept in measurement! And if that wasn't enough... we followed with a great lesson on map keys and used our own maps to answer questions about cardinal directions! Remember, when reading a map, a great place to start is the map key... and then the whole map makes sense! We really developed a deeper understanding of how maps are a representation of the world around us! Well done second graders! Remember... tomorrow: walking field trip to Sunderland Public Library... comfortable shoes please (sneakers)!!

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