Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ethan's Meeting, Lannashia's Sharing, and More with Dictionaries!!

Another half day for students yet we managed to get a lot of work done!! We strarted with Ethan's morning meeting... Chicken Lips, Sponge Bob greeting, and the ever popular clothespin game! Well done Ethan! We jumped right into some morning math with P.O.W. and solved a tricky story problem using 3 variables! As always, we show our thinking with picture, words, numbers and the answer... I can't wait to show Ms. Weinberger our great work (wink, wink)!! Lannashia shared some very special gems (diamonds?) and a lovely handmade box that she stores them in! Nice job Lannashia! Much of the morning was spent in dictionaries too! We practiced looking up words using guide words, paying close attention to their meaning and spelling. After that, we jumped right into work board and reading groups! We even had some time left for recess... even though it was a half day! Nice work second graders! Another half day tomorrow friends! Looking forward to conferences with everyone!

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