Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing and Drumming... Sharing, and Summaries!

Amazing Thursday! WOW! Tony Vacca, our guest artist lead several classes today in drumming while his partner Abdu lead African Dance workshops as well! YEAH!!! It was a good day to be a Sunderland Elementary School student! Second graders started the day with a drumming workshop with Mr. Tony Vacca, and got to put our hands on many different kinds of instruments while learning about their sounds!
We were also lead by Abdu (who just got off of a plane from Senegal yesterday) and learned many African dance moves! So fun!
When we arrived back in class, our friends Mackenzie, Mary, and Rebecca shared items that they all happen to have made! Now that's what sharing is all about!
We also practiced summary writing in writing workshop with one of our favorite stories about friendship... Yo? Yes! by Chris Raschka! Well done second graders! Our day ended with an all school assembly with Tony Vacca and the amazing moves of Abdu and his African dancing! I want whatever Abdu had for breakfast... because that was unbelievable... truly UNBELIEVABLE! Tony Vacca was amazing, so much talent and he shared it with us all! Thanks again, PTO, for another OUTSTANDING enrichment opportunity for our students! Great day!

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