Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charlie's Meeting, Maya's Sharing, and Dictionaries!!

Greetings! It may have only been a half day, but we filled it up with lots of activities...starting with Charlies morning meeting! Well done Charlie, and great singing (and effort!!) by everyone! We sounded awesome! Next we snuck in some extra P.E. with Ms. Gebo... a great way to begin a busy day! Maya's turn to share was today and she showed us some of the most adorable pictures of when she was a baby and some special places she visited with her family! Well done Maya!
We learned all about "guide words" and used our dictionaries to locate some of our spelling words. Challenging! We'll continue exploring dictionaries this week and stretch our learning and understanding of how supremely cool dictionaries really are! We also added to our WOW Word Wall, replacing "sad" and "happy" with more exciting words full of emotion and excitement! Well done second graders! I enjoyed meeting with many parents today, and look forward to sharing more with you all tomorrow!

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