Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Covered Wagons and Measuring Temperature!

Greetings Friends! Another warm, beautiful sunny day to be in second grade! Today Students worked on writing summaries with Emma's story Covered Wagons Bumpy Trails! Students focused on writing about the "who" (character/setting), "but" (story problem), "so" (solution), and "then" (outcome/conclusion). This funny, lyrical story showed us about a families journey (migration) out west to find land and work toward a better life for their family. They encountered many obstacles along the way and their journey was anything but easy! After many challenges, they found a valley perfect for their new home. There they built houses, and finally feeling safe and settled, they hunkered down for a good night's sleep! Great story to practice our summary writing skills! We also continued to map where our ancestors are from on our classroom map and made many more connections to our family histories, as well as mapping connections!
Later, in math, Emma introduced another important way we measure... temperature using thermometers! We made our very own thermometers and learned new vocabulary: degrees, Celsius, Fahrenheit, thermometer, and, of course, temperature! We used our thermometers to show where the mercury would be when it's warm, when it's hot, when it's winter, and when it's summer! Great practice and lots of fun!
Remember, we will be taking a walking field trip to the Sunderland Public Library on Friday after lunch. Sneakers would be the right choice for Friday's footwear! We will also introduce and use compasses along our journey and talk about cardinal directions (north, south, east, west). If anyone would like to donate a tube of wipes for our library visit, part of the mission is to help with "spring cleaning" in the Library's children's literature room. Looking forward to contributing toward making our library and our community clean and shiny! Remember... a clean library is a happy library (hee, hee)!

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