Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Stories with WOW! Words, and Olivia's Math Meeting!

Nice to be back after an unexpectedly long weekend!? We got right back into the swing catching up on some of our Friday jobs, and then jumped right into writing workshop with weekend stories (personal narratives)! Emma lead our writers meeting with a lesson on WOW!! words! Yes, words that pack a punch! Words that make a writers story JUMP off the page and paint a picture in the readers head! We generated a list of WOW! words after reading Emma's weekend story, and then, gave it a try ourselves! After writing, we shared our practice with WOW! words with Mary and Olivia, and will continue our work with WOW! words in writing workshop tomorrow! Charlie shared some super cool collections, beginning with a pocket watch and ending with some rare coins! Well done Charlie! Olivia ran her first math meeting of the week and moved us from March right into April ( a lot of work!). Well done Olivia! We finished up some work on our time books in math and practiced counting money with all the earnings from our friendship pin project! Well done second graders! Another fun day full of friendship, challenges, and learning together! PE tomorrow... sneakers please!

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