Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rebecca's Meeting, and Snacking by the Ounce!!

What a busy Tuesday Friends! Rebecca started us off with a great morning meeting, singing Sandwiches, the scarf toss greeting, and SPARKLE!! Great job Rebecca! Then it was on to handwriting with Emma's rule...continent words! Writing workshop was busy with more map/ancestor-writing. Learning about where our ancestors came from has been very interesting! We quickly noticed that many of us in the class have ancestors from Europe, along with other continents as well! Very interesting! Emma also introduced a new way to measure at snack today... with a scale! Learning how to measure using ounces and pounds, and noticing who had the heaviest snack, and the lightest snack. Comparing our snacks and their weight was a very concrete fun way to learn new vocabulary words! Emma also followed up with a review math lesson using cups, pints, quarts, and gallons and how to convert and compare all these different units of measure! Tricky... how many cups are in two quarts if 4 cups are in 2 pints (which equals one quart)? Lots of vocabulary, and lots of thinking! Hard work! Well done second graders! Can't wait to see the progress in our second grade bulb garden tomorrow!! Beautiful!

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