Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Back and Pouring Pints!!

Greetings and welcome back to school! Peter started our Monday with a great morning meeting! We talked a little about our vacations and talked about choosing one of many stories about our spring break, and writing that one story in writing workshop. Emma modeled how many activities and adventures she had, but eventually had to pick one, and write that story (instead of listing everything she did over the vacation). Harder than it may seem! Writers all shared their stories with each other in groups of two, taking care to point out what was clever, or what really worked in their stories! It was great to get back into Roald Dahl's Matilda! We listened, slightly horrified, to how the Trunchbull actually shot-putted one of her students by the pony tails! YIKES!! No worries... you'll never see a "choaky" at SES, much less students getting hurled into space by their pig tails!! Maya held her first math meeting followed by more with measurement! Emma stretched our learning to include important words like cup, quart, pint, and gallon today. Students investigated how all these terms relate to each other... how many cups in a quart... and so on. We used water and tools (cups, quarts, pints, a gallon) in small groups to test and measure volume and capacity for ourselves. We quickly reviewed the 7 continents, and will actually find and map the country and continent of our ancestors tomorrow! WOW!!
Another wonderful day second grade friends! I was particularly pleased with the level of good manners, participation, and respect shown to Emma, and each other, on her first day as teacher of 2W! Well done!

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