Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mary's Meeting and Counting Coins!!

Another busy day in 2W, and it all started with Mary's morning meeting! First, Rockin' Robin, then hackey sack greeting, followed by today's question: Do you prefer opera music or rock and roll (venn diagram style, so we have options). To my surprise, 6 second graders can honestly say they like opera! Impressive! We practiced writing our spelling words in ABC order today, and did more fact writing about Earth, Moon, and Sun in writing workshop. We also began a new workboard today while reading groups met with Ms. Worthley. Ethan was our sharer today, and showed us his super cool USA pin towel he got from his sister when she went to her Destination Imagination Global Tournament. Very cool Ethan!
After lunch, we enjoyed another stellar math meeting lead by TJ... well done! Then it was all about the money, counting coins, and strategies to make our counting easier! We played heads or tails with partners to stretch our thinking and counted coins up to and over a dollar (while recording our counting as well)! Tomorrow we'll count even more money... all the Malawi money we made selling friendship pins! Show me the money!!
Tomorrow we'll be treated to drumming and dancing workshops with our guest artist, so wear sneakers and be ready to shake it up!

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