Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aine's Meetings and Science RULES!!

Super Thursday Friends! Kinda chilly, but it's DECEMBER, after all! We started our day by receiving a sweet thoughtful gift from our friend Abby! Thanks for the pencils Abby! You know JUST what we need to get our job done! Our new work board was equally awesome with the new buddy reading whisper phones! Loved it! In math we practiced more with place value and expanded notation WHILE thinking about 100 more or 100 less! Well done friends! Aine also had another great math meeting, and was our morning meeting helper too! We spent our afternoon preparing for a day of scientific work and observation tomorrow! After studying owls and Mr. Micardi's "birds of prey" presentation we will be investigating owl pellets, thanks to our PTO! Tomorrow EVERY second grader is a scientist as we dissect owl pellets and examine the contents of what owls "can't digest"! Can't wait! Are you ready for some hands-on SCIENCE??? I know I am!

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