Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birds of Prey!

Could today's Birds of Prey presentation come at a better time? After studying owls and their habitat and sharing our writing and research in second grade, we got up close and personal with these amazing creatures! Students were able to see and learn about owls,falcons, turkey vultures, and even a brilliant golden eagle! These majestic birds are even more amazing in person and we were completely blown away! Thanks PTO for bringing such a relevant, rich, incredible learning opportunity to our school! In other 2W news, Katie held her first morning meeting and Madelene held her last math meeting for the week! Well done ladies! In math we took our learning about place value and made number rolls! Writing all our numbers and keeping track of the place where we put our digits in our number rolls is very important! A digit's place reflects it's value! When talking about candy would you rather see the 5 in the ones place or in the tens place? When talking about bee stings would you rather see the 1 in the hundreds place, or in the ones place? Place matters! The book fair at Barnes and Noble was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out to do some shopping and support our school! Well done Sunderland!

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