Monday, December 17, 2012

Icy Monday!!

Greetings Friends! We had a late start due to all the icy roadways, but we made the most of every minute! In math we practiced using coins to make a value of $1.00. We also reviewed how to expand numbers by breaking them apart and making them bigger! 359 is really 300 plus 50 plus 9... or... 3 hundreds, 5 tens, and 9 ones! Great work friends! We introduced our new word study principle, long 0 vowel sound, and the different letter patterns we use to make long o (ow, oa, and even just o, like in old and told and sold)! This afternoon we read a lovely story of how Grace opened her home over the holidays and hosted some new family members. Not sure how she would feel, she did her best to try and get to know her cousin, Savannah, and tried putting herself in Savannah's shoes. Doing that helped her understand how her cousin might feel, so far from home at the Holidays. In the end, Grace had the best Christmas ever! In writing workshop we practiced writing words from the word wall, and how to scoop up letters 3 at a time when copying a word wall word. It's very important to get every letter in every word wall correct! After all, these are words we must learn, not just read but spell as well. Now that they're on the word wall, this will be another great tool writers can use during every writers workshop! It was another great day in second grade! Well done friends!

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