Thursday, December 6, 2012

Place Value... The Place Matters!!

Howdy Friends! After today's survey on blog checkers, I'm wondering who will peek at our little blog tonight! Hmmmm... Today was a good one, so I must post!!! We started with reading groups and literacy centers, as usual, and "caught up" on work board jobs! In math we deconstructed the word place value in our Math Word Journals, W.O.W! It's a word we use a lot, and probably one of the top 10 MOST IMPORTANT words in second grade math, so we took a real close look at place value! Knowing that a digit's value (what it's worth) is determined by it's PLACE in a number is pretty important!! Very hard work today, and well worth it! Every time you're asked to think "more" and "tell me more" you are LEARNING MORE!!! Well done! Alea lead a great morning meeting, and Madelene had another equally super math meeting! In the afternoon we enjoyed more of Matilda! A wonderful story by our favorite Roald Dahl, and learned how poor Miss Honey really was growing up, and more about Matilda's special powers!! In writing workshop writers used Monthly Writing Sample Journals for writing and got to choose the what, the how, and were totally in charge of their writing today! Taking time to notice how much better our writing is, month by month is quite motivating! Although, it must be said... 2W has a room full of willing, ready writers!!! And that's just the way we like it! Fun Friday tomorrow with one super awesome math surprise! Will you be ready?

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