Friday, December 14, 2012

Science = Best Day EVER!

"Ms. Worthley, I don't think I'll EVER forget this day!" Couldn't agree more, Niko! We prepared the day before with a "virtual owl pellet dissection" knowing we would be scientists today.... and every second grader came prepared! After a bit of work board and literacy activities in the morning, it was time for SCIENCE!! Students reviewed what scientist do, and what it looks like to work like a scientist. Then, Ms. W. modeled what our investigation would look like and how to use tools safely. Then we questioned whether 2nd graders are ready for such important work in science, and we all agreed, YEAH!!!! Though very excited, we took our jobs as scientific investigators very seriously, and made some amazing discoveries! After dissecting our owl pellets, we compared what we found to schematic diagrams of moles, mice, and all kinds of creatures owls prey upon. We reconstructed some of the skeletons, and were amazed at how cool the skulls were! All the bones, so different (according to their job) and unique. The teeth in the lower jaws were especially cool! We all agreed, SCIENCE RULES AND WE WANT MORE!!! Well done scientists! I agree with Niko, might have been the best day ever... and with so many more days left in second grade, who knows what could happen!!! Aine also had one super math meeting, and Jason an equally great morning meeting! Happy Birthday to our friend Trey, who baked and shared some delicious blueberry muffins to celebrate with his friends!

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