Monday, December 10, 2012

Place Value... Hundreds-BIG... Ones-small!

Happy soggy Monday friends! Today was our last catch up day on work board and I can't wait to start the next, new work board on Wednesday! In math we stretched our learning about place value and really worked our brains counting tens! Using 3 cards we first had to make the biggest number and the smallest number by moving the cards and their places. Next, we had to count 10 more, 10 less (but hold on to that hundreds place in our head)!! Very challenging and important work today! But, practice makes perfect, and practice we did!! Great job everyone! Making an effort and being a contributor, paying attention to your learning really makes a difference too! We sure noticed THAT today! Well done workers! We finished Matilda and were thrilled at the happy ending for Matilda and Miss Honey! What a team they make! Can't wait for our next novel in read aloud... Roald Dahl is a tough act to follow, that's for sure! In writing workshop we wrote thank you letters to Mr. Micardi about his birds of prey presentation on Friday! If any of you are still wondering what the special super surprise is, keep reading! After talking to P.T.O. (the parents who brought Mr. Micardi to our school) I asked them if we could get some owl pellets to dissect ourselves, like owl scientists... solving the mystery of what the owls had for dinner! WOW! How cool! What do you think we'll find in our owl pellets? I can't wait to find out! Who, who, whoooooooo's ready for some hands-on science? I sure am!!

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