Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Long Mr. Jarzembowski!

Bittersweet day Friends! While we celebrated some research projects and had fun with December calendars, we had to say good bye to a very important member of our classroom community, our student intern from UMass, Mr. Jarzembowski. He learned a lot and did so many things to help us learn as well! From leading writing workshop, to small math groups and reading groups and more! He even scored a 3 pointer jump shot in "recycle ball" today in what was the tiniest of basketball baskets! WOW! That's how to go out with a BANG! Students shared their persuasive letters written to future principals explaining why they should hire Mr. J. (or in some cases, how they just BETTER hire Mr. J., if they know what's GOOD for them...)! We also shared cards and goodbyes at the end of today. Some very special school and some very lucky students are in for one great teacher someday! Well done friends, and you too Mr. J.! Good luck and so long!

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