Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friend Catalog!! Order Your New Friend NOW!!

Great day in 2W friends! First, we had catch up day (not mustard day) on work board and completed all our literacy center work while Ms. W. met with readers! Lots to do, and we will continue to complete neat and thorough work tomorrow! In math we reviewed the ruled for Heads or Tails, only this time, we had more coins and had to write money amounts up and over one dollar! Wow! Great practice in so many ways... counting money, writing money, and cooperative turn taking! Nice team work everyone! In word study we reviewed our word study rule: long o vowel sound with o and silent e, and the vowel team oa ! We focused on antonyms (opposite words) and used context clues (what word makes sense) to complete sentences! Meaning matters, not only with words, but with everything! In writing workshop we took a close look at our writing prompt and thought about how to craft a written response. Today's prompt: Imagine you are about to order a friend from the new friend catalog! What are some qualities you want in your new friend? What will you do with your new friend when they arrive? How will you feel now that you're with your new friend! WOW! Thoughtful! Each new friend from the Friend Catalog has different qualities! Nice work! Tomorrow... Matilda! Roald Dahl knew what he was doing when he created THIS FRIEND in his writing!! Don't be surprised if there are some extra special magical surprises when Matilda's in second grade tomorrow!

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