Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dollar Signs and Decimals!!

Howdy Friends! Another great day in 2W! First we continued working on fluency in reading groups and work board! After that we stretched what we've learned about money and practiced counting and writing money using dollar signs and decimals! After practicing we reasoned with some money challenges and problem solving! In word study we practiced using our spelling rule (long o using vowel teams and silent e) to sort words and write words in ABC order. Madelene had one great morning meeting and Ethan had his first math meeting! Well done meeting helpers! This afternoon we read a wonderful Kwanzaa story called Seven Spools of Thread. 7 brothers learn the value in collaboration and even stretch their learning to include the value of taking care of their village! Everyone prospers when everyone works together toward a common purpose! Great story! We ended the day with a wonderful music event with all our instrumentalist and singers in grades 3-6. What a treat! Great day second grade!

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