Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Harry Starts Tuesday and Letters to Malawi!!

Morning meeting started with Harry and One Bottle of Pop, the clothespin game, and ball toss greeting! Well done Harry! We used our dictionaries to help segment and look up words in word study to practice our dipthong rule oy...oi! In writing workshop we were introduced to our new pen pals from Malawi! Pictures and letters from Malawi were distributed, and second graders were introduced to their new, Malawi friends! Global connections at their finest, that's for sure! More letter writing tomorrow! Can't wait! Nurse Jeannie supplied us with some tasty treats to try at snack today! Sweet snow peas and crisp, crunchy baby carrots! Thanks Nurse Jeannie, for helping to stretch our taste buds with some of Mother Nature's finest treats! In math we worked on our time books, with analog and digital clocks and wrote about a typical day in second grade! Well done! It's Tuesday, so after math it was on to skills practice in the computer lab with time games on the blog! Loved it! We ended our day with Ms. Gebo (welcome back... we missed you) and played a super cool sculpting game! So fun, in fact, that all the teachers wanted to join in! WHAT FUN! Way to go second grade! Awesome day! Well done!

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