Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sharing, Meetings, and Measuring!

Another beautiful day to be in second grade, that's for sure!! And we're not just talkin' 'bout the weather... we've had some spectacular show and tell moments! Alena, Julienne, and Lola all shared some very special things they either made, collected, or received as a treasured gift from someone they love! Each and every friend gave us an opportunity to get to know them a little more than before! Well done! We continue to work with our spelling rule, base words and inflectional endings (ed, ing) showing how things happen in the past, or right now. We used dictionaries, context clues, meaning, rhyme, and categorizing to sort and practice our words! Well done! Writing workshop was quite an eye opener when friends shared stories about when they were brave. Having courage is required in all different kinds of situations, whether diving off a diving board, touching a lobster, jumping in the deep end of the pool, or going on a roller coaster ride! Wow! Great stories! Today we worked on spelling sentences to practice capitals, periods, sentence structure, and spelling, of course! Julienne shared his sentences as well a great illustration! Awesome Julienne! Our new work board is going extremely well, and friends are working hard on being resourceful, working independently with effort while completing their center work! In math we continue to practice our skills measuring with both the United States standard units (inches, feet, yards) and the metric system (centimeters, meters). Yesterday's "Game Show" on measurement helped prepare us for today's skills practice with rulers and meter sticks! Remember... being precise makes all the difference! Our bulb garden is really taking off, and providing wonderful opportunities for measurement, as well as science and observation! Conferences will be held soon, so please take a moment to sign up for a conference if you haven't already done so! I look forward to seeing each and every one of you, and sharing your student's accomplishments and progress in second grade!

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