Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prewriting for Summaries!

Greetings Friends! Wednesday was a little soggy, but that didn't dampen our spirits one bit! Lola started our day with her morning meeting and Rockin' Robin, and the sparkle game! Well done Lola! We practiced our spelling words using context clues and meaning, and simile! After reading our spelling words one last time, it was on to work board and literacy centers! After quiet reading students worked from their bins catching up on work they've missed, or fixing up work to meet 2W second grade expectations! We thought we might have indoor recess, but it dried up just in time for some fresh air! Cafe Sun was also held today, and Alena represented second grade with her piano recital! Well done Alena! Takes a lot of courage to get in front of your whole school and play a piano solo! WOW! This afternoon we finished reading our measurement books and shared our learning. Tomorrow it's on to more with numbers (expanded notation and place value) right before we jump into double digit subtraction! After math we enjoyed one hilarious book by Tedd Arnold called Parts! We used the story to plan, or prewrite for tomorrow's summaries! Friends shared while others listened carefully and critically, making sure we included beginnings, middles, and endings into our prewriting! WOW! Lot's going on in second grade, and that's the way we like it!

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