Friday, March 23, 2012

Spectacular Week!!

Another glorious day and we made the most of it in second grade! We started with Cali's meeting and the sparkle game! Loved it! Owen and Kaela shared some very special moments with us during show and tell! Earning trophies and holding alligators... holy COW! Well done friends! Juan and Danny are signed up for Monday... remember to bring in your sharing! James brought in a hilarious book called "It's A Book" and boy, are we glad he did! Thanks James!! We loved it! Remember... what happens in 2W... STAYS in 2W! We finished our spelling with buddy test and spent much of the morning on work board. Reading groups met with teachers and it was a very busy, productive morning! We teamed up in math again today and completed our investigation on measurement with rulers (inches and centimeters), and searched the classroom for objects related to size! Alena ended the week with a very well run math meeting and Zenani is ready to take on math meetings next week! Excellent job Alena! The afternoon went quick, but we made sure to save some time for dialogue journals and Mrs. Cialek's V.I.P! So many pictures, so many memories, and one spectacularly interesting lady! Vacations, family, ducks, fish, flowers, and so much more! Thanks for sharing Mrs. Cialek, next week Ms. Shumacher will try her hand at V.I.P, and we can't wait!! Have a great weekend!

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