Thursday, March 8, 2012

Juan's Meeting and Time Books!

Greetings 2W friends! What a warm, windy, wonderful day! It felt like SPRING! Which is exactly what our bulbs were thinking, as quite a few are already exploding our of the earth in our bulb garden, ready to celebrate with us! Speaking of bulbs and the bulb garden, they will come in very useful when we begin our measurement unit, and take daily measurements (inches and centimeters) of their growth and progress as spring gets closer! Math, science, gardening... all kinds of outdoor second grade fun! Let's get back to today! Juan started our morning with a fabulous meeting full of great singing (This Land Is Your Land), the koosh greeting and sparkle! LOVE that game!! Well done Juan! In writing workshop we put finishing touches on our letters to our pen pals in Malawi! Can't wait to send them off to Africa! Soon to be followed by our second grade service project... how will we decide to support our global connection to Malawi this year? Stay tuned and find out! Word study was not only about our spelling rule (oi and oy, when 2 letters combine to make a new sound), but about working independently! Learning how to read, and reread a question, to persevere and dig deep to make an effort, before calling on help. Working independently is very satisfying and leaves a true feeling of accomplishment! Way to go friends! In math we continued to illustrate our time books, while paying close attention to making sure our digital clocks match our analog clocks. Another big part of the book project is about the writing process! Real writers read and rework their books all the time! Adding more, adding details, making changes, and sometimes, even taking things out, are all part of the writing process! Well done friends! Can't wait to share our time books with our 4th grade buddies when we're done!! We ended the day with work board and did a great job in our literacy centers! Overall great day friends!

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