Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Measuring Bulbs and Sharing!

Monday and Tuesday and spring has sprung!! Or is that... summer?? What beautiful weather to take our learning outdoors in the bulb garden! We've been taking what we've learned about inches and centimeters and keeping scientific observations about our bulb garden! Being precise and always remembering to start on the edge (at 0 inches) is crucially important in getting a correct measurement! More with measuring all week, as we practice our skills and learn all about both conventional (imperial) and metric measurement! Sharing has been going extremely well! Friends have made exceptional choices that truly showcase their interest, hobbies, and skills! Wow! Well done Skyler, Danny, and Joe! We loved each presentation and feel like we know you all even better, and how special you all are! Word study is all about word structure this week with inflectional endings (ed and ing). Learning how words work can help us use words in our writing and help us become better spellers and word experts! Yesterday friends shared weekend stories in writing workshop, and we spent some time talking about what rereading means! When you reread your story, you make sure periods are doing their job, and that your story makes sense! Rereading is NOT simply looking at your story a second time! It's a time to make corrections, make it better, or even take things out that don't make sense!! We started a new work board this week, and have talked about how to work independently with effort and confidence! The expectation is high in March, and friends should take care to make their work neat, thoughtful, and correct! Complete sentences are important when writing responses, and that's what we will expect! We can do it!!
PE tomorrow friends, sneakers please!

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