Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharing Begins and Measuring the Bulb Garden!

What a beautiful day friends! Tia started us off with a great morning meeting, and Brady and Harrison started our new sharing tradition! Brady with adorable family photos and Harry with magnificent clay sculptures he made all by himself! We definitely learned more about these two special friends, and they couldn't have made better sharing choices to start show and tell in second grade! We practiced with our spelling words (plural nouns) paying close attention to rhyme and base words! We flipped our schedule today in hopes to get a little more reading group time, and the result was well worth it! Ms. W met with readers in the morning while friends finished center work on work board! In math this afternoon we reviewed what we learned about rulers, inches, and measuring, and took our work out into the garden! Paying close attention to where you begin measuring, and where you end is important! Being precise is essential in getting a proper measurement no matter what the object is! We logged our observations into our bulb journals, and couldn't help but notice most of our bulbs grew a full inch since the last time we measured them! WOW!! Can't wait to chart our bulbs as we watch our garden grow! Writing this afternoon was all about Monthly Writing Sample Journals, a place where students rely exclusively on their own skills, and show what "good writers do"! Well done friends! What a great, sunny, warm, productive day! Just the way we like it!

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