Monday, December 30, 2013

Sneak Peek!!

Wow! It's official... we have landed in our new room, and it's awesome! All the major furniture has been relocated and placed right where it belongs! Now, I don't know if David Grace is a magician, or a Rock Star, or all of the above... but our new room is fantastic! We're awaiting our new white board (with "smart" technology) for the front of the room, but other than that... we're good to GO!! I hope you like our new room as much as I do! It might take some getting used to, and we may inadvertently walk into Horizons the first few days... but we'll get used to it! Knowing this move serves the needs of all of our students at SES, and knowing that we have a school that prioritizes student need... and meets that need (with care and grace and thought and collaboration) is pretty spectacular! Kudos to everyone who made this move go as smoothly as it has gone! Makes me proud (as if I wasn't already) to work where I do.... the best lil' country school that meets and exceeds the highest of standards... and has fun doing it! Working together, with a sense of community, cooperation, and purpose! Lots of learning... done right! Well done SES... WELL DONE!


  1. The new room will be filled with magic the moment that you and your students enter. Blessings to this new place and all of the good that will happen there. Happy 2014 2W!

  2. Indeed... a new beginning for all of us! Can't wait to get started!!!