Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Writers... More Celebrations!!

Another busy, wintery, beautiful day in second grade! We got started right away with our second day of writers reading their stories! Invited guests were treated to many personal narratives, all unique and all about a small moment in the lives of these second grade writers! Very personal indeed, and each story was full of craft moves and powerful language! Students worked extremely hard revising and editing their stories, and getting ready for today's celebration! Well done 2W! Very proud moment for your teacher, as well as all our invited guests! We had a little time left this morning, so we decided to fill it with one of our favorite math games... I Have, Who Has? Using our skills in place value and greater than/less than, we compared numbers with cards and partners! Working together is a big part of playing math games, and cooperating with your partner really pays off! We always love having time to play math games, especially like this game! Hard but fun! Just the way we like it!

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