Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Math Games and A New Mentor Writer!

What a great... exceptionally great Wednesday it was! Wow! We packed so much learning in one meager, fruitful day!! Suk started by running our math meeting this morning! Well done Suk!! Quickly after that, we reviewed place value and talked about the value of hundreds, tens and ones. We remembered how to write the number words, and represent a number in a picture, diagram, or illustration. We ALSO showed the number on a number line, and even tried to write a story problem about today's number! WOW! Great participation today... by every second grader! Everything went so well, that we had some math time left to play our favorite game: "I Have, Who Has?" and we loved it! Working in teams, we had to listen carefully to friends read clues about a number, and then search our own cards to see if our numbers fit the clues! Not easy, absolutely challenging, and truly rewarding! Best 15 extra math minutes EVER! Well done second graders, not only thinking about place value and number patterns, but working COLLABORATIVELY with your partner! In reading workshop we deepened our learning about character development, and thought about how characters react or respond to events in a story. Then, we inferred what we thought these characters might be like in a deep way. We might know that Maria was a girl, that she has cousins, but when she bravely told her mother the truth about a difficult situation, we learned she was honest and trustworthy. We learned that she must love her mother very much to face her with the truth... and after eating 2 dozen tamales!!! Yikes! Well done friends! Reading and thinking about characters while you read! This afternoon we were treated to a new mentor author.... Ethan! While we've studied Jane Yolen, Andrew Clement, and many other mentor authors, it was time to enlist the resources of one of our own authors, and Ethan obliged! He let us not only read, but take a close look at his swimming story to deepen our learning about revising and editing... making our stories better! Wow Ethan! I DO BELIEVE everyone loved this small moment (personal narrative) story! Using your story will be an amazing tool in helping writers see, learn, and know how to be editors, and fancy up their writing! Well done writers! I can't wait for our writers share-celebration soon! Getting stories ready to be published is hard work. Hard work that requires stamina and effort... and we talked a bit about that today! Energy, ambition, and hard work are keys for every writer and every learner! Keep up the good work friends! And remember... stamina and hard work leads to smart, accomplished second graders!

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