Thursday, December 12, 2013

Money and Meetings!!

Happy Thursday Thinkers! Another busy day starting with Ethan's math meeting! We all couldn't help but notice that Ethan's super-power might just be running an effective, pragmatic, super efficient math meeting! Well done Ethan! In math we began our unit on money and started with a coin investigation! Working with partners, we took a close look... and I mean, a real close look... at quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies! We payed close attention to what they are worth, their size, coin attributes, and tried to share everything we might know about coins. We recorded our observations (like scientists) and shared what we noticed! Well done friends! Kelsey also ran one spectacular math meeting, and decided to include reflections on our observations in math! She generated her very own morning message... all by herself! I quickly realized, after a nano-second, that Kelsey was running this meeting all on her own!! And that's just the way we like it! What a democratic, independent leader she was, choosing friends fairly, helping those that needed help, and keeping her meeting on task, and moving right along! Well done Kelsey! Ben decided to show off his holiday spirit as he bundled up for recess today, and we're glad he did, because he brought a smile to every face that saw him! Awesome Ben! In writing workshop we continued to revise and edit our final drafts of our personal narratives as we prepare for our Author's Tea next week! Our writing goals this week have been clear: illustrate, revise, edit our final copy, give our piece of writing a title and appealing cover, and complete our "all about the author" page! We're so close to the finish line with this writing unit, and we CAN'T WAIT to share our small moment stories with our audience on Monday and Tuesday! Don't miss this special event which will showcase local authors from 2W, showing off their craft moves and writing development as they share important moments in their lives! I could not be more proud of this writing community!

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