Monday, December 16, 2013

Author's Celebration!!

First we started with our math meeting, compliments of Robert and his calendar and place value skills!! Well done Robert! After that we learned more about money and added a new coin into our counting skills, the half dollar! Caroline's morning meeting quickly followed with a rousing rendition of Chicken Lips, and the sparkle game! Outstanding job Caroline! Then, it was really all about writing, authors, and celebrating our personal narrative stories! Students worked relentlessly on their small moment stories, generating ideas, paying close attention to using mentor text (thanks to Jane Yolen, and our resident mentor authors, Ethan and Chan-Hee), and revising stories with lots of editing! A process that takes time, attention, stamina, perseverance, and a lot of effort! And, what a great day it was! Authors read their stories to guests like parents, principals, and each other! We were able to share and appreciate so many small moments, carefully written by all of our second grade authors! No two moments were quite the same, accept that all writers included skillful craft moves in elaborating on their stories! Powerful language evoking strong emotion was also a common theme, as writers worked very hard on "hooking" their readers in the beginnings and leaving emotion and power in their endings! You know... the kind of story that leave an impression on the reader! Needless to say, I could not be more proud of this writing community! So supportive of each other as writers, and producing some spectacular stories! We will repeat this author's celebration tomorrow... BECAUSE IT WAS THAT GOOD!!! And, anyone who missed it will have to come and listen to these amazing second grade writers and see for yourself! Don't miss it!

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