Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome Back... Finally!!!!

Greetings and Happy New Year! It felt great to finally be back in the swing of second grade... 2W style! Weather has been reeking havoc on our schedules, but we were ready when school finally started today! First things first, we LOVED our new room! Students found their new desk spots and love our new learning communities! We also felt like the room looked... bigger, COOL! Not to mention, our water fountain works and the sink is less temperamental! Awesome! Talk about a new beginning... we even loved our new reading workshop unit of study... Informational Text! With 2014, we welcome learning about text features and what informational text looks like and why we love it! We will also begin a new writing unit focusing on informational writing (non-fiction, of course)! We loved investigating a variety of informational text, ranging from topics like weather disasters, important historical figures (and athletes), to gardening, and castles! The range of topics are endless, and we are all very excited about this new unit of study! Reading is an important way we learn, and we will pay close attention to how these books are crafted. What's important to include and how does the author, writer decide what to include! I can't wait to jump into this new unit with this very enthusiastic group of second graders! We missed math today, due to the delay, so we will review our learning about money tomorrow with a new game, and continue our money unit in math! What a great day friends... it sure felt good to see everyone and start our new year together!

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