Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Manguito Latin Band!!

Hola Amigos! What a great day for Latin music at SES!! We started the day with Ethan's math meeting, complete with calendar math, counting days in money and today's number! Well done Ethan, what an expeditious and well run meeting that was! Soon after Ethan's meeting we were off to a special event courtesy of our PTO... the Manguito Latin Band! EVERY morning should start like this! Wow! The cafe was lit up with the sounds of rhythmic percussion instruments, bells and singing... Latin style! It was spectacular! Watching the conga players pop out all those catchy rhythms made us want to dance! And we had our chance soon enough!! Everyone was up and moving and shaking their money makers! What a way to start a Tuesday! Thank you SES PTO, for supporting the arts and enriching our school experience with Manguito! We LOVED it!! Later today we were back at work writing our final drafts and adding last minute touches to our personal narratives as we prepare for our first Author's Tea on Monday!! Students worked on their "All about the Author" pages, and copied over their stories in their best writing, paying close attention to punctuation and spelling! LOTS of work, and we tackled it with perseverance and stamina today! Very impressive writers! Keep up the good work writers, and we'll be ready to blow the socks off our audience next week! Library tomorrow... remember your books please!

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