Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Second Grade Feast!!

After reading and studying American History and learning all about the Pilgrims and their search for independence and a new life... we decided to recreate that first Thanksgiving... but with a second grade twist! While we didn't have deer, shellfish, local berries and freshly hunted turkey... we did have a preparation of our own... and we loved it! We spent most of the morning in the company of our favorite "extended-school-family", our buddies from 2B and prepared freshly baked bread! While all the bread preparations were going on, students engaged in a variety of literacy based activities, from crossword puzzles, to making paper turkeys, to making butter, and homemade cranberry sauce! At our bread station, students enjoyed the cool, smooth feel of the fresh bread dough. We stretched, and pounded, and formed our little customized loaves and placed them lovingly on the baking sheet! As if that wasn't enough, we decided to add a little flavor (though we're not so sure the Pilgrims had easy access to some of our spicy add-ons). Garlic powder, salt, dried herbs, and seeds were some of the ways we embellished our bread! After everyone was completely satisfied with their creations, we let that dough rise, one last time, before baking! The suspense was palpable, and we could NOT WAIT to taste our freshly baked treats! When the feasting time finally arrived, we weren't joined by Samoset and his tribe of 90 hungry family members... but instead, our 2B friends! After tasting and trying our delicious warm crusty bread and cranberry sauce, we talked amongst each other about how special this moment was, and how grateful we are for everything we have! While finishing our feast, we were taken on a virtual field trip to Plymouth Plantation and got to visit with local Wompanoag tribe members, as well as some of the first Pilgrims that survived that first, brutal winter in New Plymouth! Wow! American History comes alive! It was almost... almost like really being there, listening to their stories and deepening our understanding of how hard it truly was to live life as a Pilgrim! Very different from the way we live now, that's for sure! As our feast came to a close, we were visited by Mr. B., who asked us about our learning, and enjoyed some of our very special bread and home made butter! What a day... talk about a "moment" truly worthy of a personal narrative story for writing workshop! Very special day for sure. Well done second grade. Awesome feast!

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