Monday, December 9, 2013

What's New in 2W?? Jack's V.I.P!!

Greetings Friends and Families! 2W has been a busy place lately, and we have a lot to share! First off... our V.I.P. Jack shared his V.I.P. moment with pictures of his family, memories of Estonia, and some great stories! Well done Jack! We've also expanded our thinking in reading workshop to include many more elements of a story! Noticing the setting and time of a story, while paying close attention to the problem, and events leading to a solution in a story can deepen our understanding of events and "point of view"... in any story! Hard work! Today we practiced more thoughtful writing responses to our reading. In math we began a new unit on money... starting with coins and recognizing each coin's value. We even practiced counting some coins and reviewed how skip counting can help us count money! Much more to come with the start of our money unit! In writing workshop we continued to revise and edit our personal narratives as we prepare for our first Author's Tea! A note went home today, explaining all the details, and we hope you're able to join this community of writers as we celebrate our small moment stories!! We also learned how to have a "prove-it" conference with another member of our writing community, and used writing from a new "mentor author", Chan-Hee! We also started Spanish last Friday... and it was awesome! We had to fit as much as we possibly could in this 30 minute lesson, but we loved every minute of it! Can't wait for more, as we get introduced to this beautiful new language! Oh, and we finished one of our favorite read-alouds today... No Talking by Andrew Clement! We loved every minute of listening to this competition between girls and boys (and no talking) turn into a contest between kids and teachers!! The "Unshushables" never sounded so quiet! thanks to Andrew Clement for this great piece of realistic fiction, and for acting as another mentor author, teaching and showing us how great writers include craft moves in their stories! Hope to see you at our first Author's Tea on Monday or Tuesday! Your choice... or come to both!

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