Monday, February 11, 2013

Wintery Monday!!

Greetings Winter Warriors! A little more than half of our second graders made it to school today and it was "game on"!! The icy roads and wintery mix kept many friends home today... hoping to see everyone back tomorrow! We started a new work board today, inspired by the Valentine holiday and full of friendship! Reading groups continue to read about animals, their adaptations and habitats, and did some research, "information" writing! In math we worked on our February calendars and learned exactly how many days are in a week, weeks in a month, and months in a year! We've done lots of calendar work, so it wasn't too tricky. We made up our buddy spelling test from Friday's snow day and will be ready for our new spelling rule tomorrow... OW! Oh, I'm OK... that's our spelling rule... words with the ow and ou pattern creating the new sound OW! Kirsten and Georgia both lead some wonderful meetings today. Georgia held her math meeting, and Kirsten lead today's morning meeting. We also welcomed our new student teacher from Mt. Holyoke College, Melissa Nelms! What a welcome addition she was, and we're in for some great learning opportunities with Melissa on board! WELCOME Miss Nelms! We can't wait to get started! In writing workshop students worked on crafting their weekend stories (personal narratives) after sharing stories about our long, snowy, wintery weekends! Well done writers! Justin really showed us (instead of telling us) what his orange soda was like too... his "fizzy, bubbly, orangey drink"! Well done Justin! See you all tomorrow for Tuesday and P.E... sneakers please!

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