Thursday, February 7, 2013

100 Days of Second Grade!!

Howdy Friends! Well, it's official, only 80 days left of school. Not that we're counting the days, or anything. Today was the 100th day, so, of course, we strung massive amounts of fruit loops on to edible necklaces in counting patterns of 5's, 10's or 25's! Take a close look at those sweet, colorful, tasty necklaces and see if you can detect patterns in those necklaces! Fun and well done friends! Lot's of fine motor work, rote counting practice, helping friends with cereal deliveries, and some tasty eating all while celebrating our 100 days together! If your student arrived home today without a necklace, it's probably because they ate it during read aloud! How bad is that?? Listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at read aloud while nibbling on a sweet, fruity necklace. Needless to say, read aloud was a "crunchy" experience today. Katie had one super awesome morning meeting and chose to sing Daddy's Taking Us To The Zoo, and the clothespin game! Well done Katie! And... look carefully at the photo's to see if you can find Kate, our wonderful Korean tutor who has been an amazing addition to the 2W community! She's ambitious, kind, helpful, and a wonderful teacher... we're so lucky to have her in our class! We also had our last day catching up on this work board and will be ready for a brand spankin' new work board when we come back on Monday. (That's right... it's official, tomorrow is a snow day, thanks to Nemo's impending snowy doom... or snowy delight). All depends on how you look at it. Either way, you will all be missed and hope you all have a safe, snowy, fun filled weekend outdoors! See you all on Monday... day 101, and counting.

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