Friday, February 1, 2013

V.I.P. Exclusive!! Abby Rocks!

Another great Friday made even better with some sunshine and one beautiful day! And if that wasn't good enough, it was our first day of V.I.P... Today's Very Important Person was Abby! And she rocked it! We learned about her musical interests, family trips, dogs and doggie competitions, horse riding, and great pictures that chronicle the life and times of Abby! Very cool. You could have heard a pin drop! Abby's (predictable) enthusiasm and expertise was compelling and entertaining... WONDERFUL might be an understatement! Her presentation was full of information, and thoughtful moments of inquiry from a very curious audience of second graders! Way to go Abby, and thank you for sharing your awesomeness!! In math we continued to practice telling time to the minute and learned some new words: quarter past, half past, and quarter to. YIKES! Quarter after is the same as 15 minutes after, and half past means 30 minutes past the hour??? So much language and numbers and clock hands to keep track of! With practice comes "perfect"! And practice we will continue as we take what we know about minutes, hours, clock hands and telling time to the next level! Marcus lead some great math meetings all week, and even started keeping track of the weather on the bar graphs, along with the pictographs! Very ambitious Marcus! Running math meetings all week is a lot of responsibility and you lead each and every meeting with precision! Well done! Happy weekend everyone! It's been a wacky weather week but full of fun and learning!

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