Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Howdy Heartbreakers! What a lovely day! Today we started the day with our Valentine's inspired work board full literacy jobs reflecting friendship! We finished our time unit today, and got to show and share how much we've learned! Well done time keepers! Mid-day we stopped to decorate envelopes and delivered our valentines to friends! Very exciting! Justin had one fantastic morning meeting and Georgia ran another great math meeting too! We decorated bookmarks in library with Ms. Kidder while returning and taking out new books. In the afternoon we reviewed our spelling pattern using ow and ou to make the OW sound. Listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in read aloud was just amazing! That wonderful feeling you get when your in the middle of reading a story you hope will never end... but knowing when you do, it's Willy Wonka Day!! Can't wait! Wednesday after vacation we will launch Willly Wonka Day in 2W, so you have plenty of time to think about which character to dress up as when you arrive in school! Miss Nelms, our student teacher from Mt. Holyoke College has spent her first week with us, and likes what she sees so far! So glad to have you on board Miss Nelms! No school next week. School is closed for winter vacation. See you tomorrow for fun Friday!!

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