Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome B.G.!

Greetings Friends! We'd like to officially welcome our new friend B.G to 2W! What a great addition! Students shared letters they wrote yesterday in writing workshop hoping to help B.G. feel comfortable and at ease in his new surroundings! Well done 2W! We had our last catch up day on work board and readers met with teachers in reading groups where the focus was on "text features" and the "main idea" in our stories. Many readers are working with nonfiction research based reading and sharing our learning with the class! In math we enjoyed day 2 of "Game Time" and played computer games and quizmo games to reinforce what we've learned telling time! Friends who were in computers yesterday were in the classroom today playing quizmo. After math we used context clues and analogies to practice our spelling words. Nothing could be better than the next chapter in Willy Wonka in read aloud! Between all those Oompa loompa songs, and Willy Wonka's impatience with his spoiled guests... it was absolutely wonderful! Can't wait for Willy Wonka Day... coming soon! We'll keep you posted! We ended the day playing a new game called "What do you do? What would you say?" and navigated through some tricky social situations as a class and talked about what good friends and good citizens would do! Well done everyone! Another great day today Tomorrow is library, remember to return your books so you may check out new ones. P.E. as well... sneakers please!

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